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Green Card through your family

Get your Family Based Green Card

At Hannaford Immigration we may be able to help you or your family member get a green card. Are you a brother, sister, parent, child or spouse of someone with lawful status? If so we may be able to help you get your Legal Permanent Residency (LPR) status and you or your family member could get their Green Card, so contact us today and let us help you navigate through the process quickly and easily.
You may be eligible for permanent residency or a ‘green card’ through your family if you are a:

  • An immediate relative of a U.S. citizen (including spouses, unmarried children under the age of 21, and parents of U.S. citizen petitioners 21 or older). Due to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) being overturned a same-sex partner is now included within the definition of a ‘spouse’ under Federal Immigration laws;
  • A family member of a U.S. citizen who fits into a preference category (which included unmarried sons or daughters over the age of 21, married children of any age, and brothers and sisters of U.S. citizen petitioners 21 or older);
  • A family member of a green card holder (including spouses and unmarried children of the sponsoring green card holder);
  • Members of a special immigration category, therefore, enabling you to adjust their status:

Sponsoring someone is normally a two stage process. First, a United States Citizen or Green Card holder sponsors the visa for beneficiary, who in these cases is the family member, and then they file to accept that petition. Sometimes there can be a wait time in between these two steps and it would depend into which category you would fall into as to how long you need to wait before a visa becomes available. The times are updated on a monthly basis and you can find them by checking out the latest visa bulletin.

For example an Immediate Relative petition for spouses (including same sex couples), children under 21 and parents of a US citizens can get there visa ‘immediately’ and you can file all the paper work together in one step. You should not that the process would still be subject to the time it takes the relevant offices to process your paper work which varies from application to application and office to office.
In addition to the options listed above there are many other potential ways in which to secure a Green Card contact Hannaford Immigration Law today and we can help find the best option for you.

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    Paul is now a U.S. citizen, however, he was initially born in Hong Kong, Paul with dual citizenship in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. and he has held both a non-immigrant visa and been a green card holder. As Paul has personal experience with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, he and can empathize in all matters relating to U.S. immigration. It was through these experiences that led him to become an Immigration Attorney.

    Upon graduating from law school in the UK, Paul worked in financial services with Merrill Lynch in Ireland before pursuing a legal career. He has worked in both criminal and civil law before devoting his attention and pursuing his passion by focusing solely on Immigration Law.

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